​Safe Harbor Baptist Church 

Cochranville, Pa 19330 


About Us

What about us? What kind of church are we? We decided to ask our folks these questions. Some of these answers came from our newest members, others have been here longer.

Testimonials from our members:

"Safe Harbor is a family oriented, friendly church. You feel like they have known you for years. I love the way they preach and teach the bible."

"Safe Harbor makes you feel welcome no matter where you have been in your past. I was uneasy my first visit, right away I felt at ease and welcome. God bless Safe Harbor for making me feel like I am part of something special."

"Everyone in the church is so wonderful. Even if you have never been to a service before, you feel as if you are coming home to a huge family. They make you feel welcome and loved."

"Safe Harbor has strived to show the community that they love the Lord by loving people. The people serve the Lord with a cheerful, loving spirit."

"Safe Harbor takes you where you are and helps you to get where God wants you to be."

"... it is a safe Harbor from all the external storms and trials of the world. A friendly, loving, and God serving people that want everyone to know the Love of Christ and the peace of salvation."

There you have it. If you are looking for an Old-fashioned Bible believing church that preaches and teaches the old old story of salvation through the blood of the Lamb of God, Safe Harbor Baptist church in Cochranville, Pa does. Visit with us and we will make you feel welcome in so many ways, you are bound to like on of them. Concerned for the World, caring for you.